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Sunday, January 22, 2012


In the current Art Of The West magazine there is a article on Artist Greg Beecham, great article and he is a amazingly talented artist.  But there is a picture of a note pinned on his studio wall that just cracked me up.  I think it more or less is applicable to most artists, at least to my wife and I.

The note says:

" Tidiness is the artform for the non-creative"

So yes I made myself the same note and it now is pinned to my wall!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Plein Air Online Art Salon - November/December Competition


This painting was accepted into the 1st Annual Plein Air Online Art Salon - November/ December 2011 Competition.

I am honored to have one of my paintings in the Competition.  I have no illusions as to it winning any award, but to be included in a international show is "awesome". 

Grazing is for sale on my website also.  Just click the "Grazing" link above to go to my website.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

2 Small Paintings - using the same pallet of colors

Using the same Pallet of Colors from One painting to the Other

I started with the lower painting  6x8 Oil "Homage to the Sunset" first.  This painting is actually a reworking of a painting I did at a plein air outing I did with the Alaska Plein Air Painters last summer.  That painting was a very loose exploration into a tonalist style.  I liked what I had, but knew it needed refining,  So on a whim I decided the other day to redo it and make the refining it needed.  Also decided to add the 2 Swans.  I am very pleased how this turned out.

The upper painting came from a pencil sketch I had done a number of years ago.  I had a lot of paint still on my pallet left over from the other painting, so using the same paints I created this piece a 6x9 oil "One Last Cast".  A note of interest is that originally the pencil sketch was the mirror image of the painting, thought it would read better to the eye going left to right, so with my photo editing software I scanned my sketch and created a mirror image to work off of.  Both painting will be on my website for purchase next week.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sketching out two compositions.


Scrapped my nymph painting I had started, just was not working out so started over.  I kept the figure pose, but moved it to another area, and redrew a better composition.  Have a much better idea where I am going on it now.  It is a 22X28 canvas

Also sketched out another omposition on linen it is 24X18.  From a picture I took last August at Byers Lake Campground.  Depicts Kay Goodrich sitting at her table creating a pastel painting of the lake.