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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 the End

The Day Ends and a New Year Begins - 2012 What Will You Have In Store For Us.

This last year has been a roller coaster ride for our family, great events and hard times also.  Makes you reflect as to what is of importance in your life.  Why we strive to become better each year with our New Years resolutions.  The older I get the more I realize what is important to me and what happiness is: Love, Passion, Family and Intregrity.

Here is a recap of the year, more or less:
  • Our Grandson Joseph was in Alaska for his 1st Birthday,  what a incredible pleasure that was.
  • Our Son Ryan graduated college, and was hired right away by the State Of Alaska.
  • Our Daugter Christina and Cameron were married in August.  All the family gathered in the Blaine Washington area for the big event.  So much fun, we are so proud of our kids and grandchildren.
  • My mom fell and broke her other hip this time, her dementia is getting worse.  Dad being 91 and slowing down himself can no longer care for her so we spent about a month and a half getting Mom rehabed and finally into the Pioneer Home nursing facility in Anchorage.
  • Our Daughter Shaunna and Matt, gave birth to our second Grandson: Wyatt.  He is healthy and doing well.  I feel he looks like Shaunna a lot as a baby.  We are so happy for them.
  • Art Shows and Events have kept me out of the studio most of this fall.  But sales have been really good this year, so not complaining.  Opened up a print sales shop in Fine Art America's website.  Always trying to find a venue that provides good products of my work to the public and reasonable costs.
  • Work has been busy at Medical Park Family Care, wow I have over 30 years in there now.
  • Justin and Felecia spent some extra time with us here in May after the rest of the family left.  Allowed us time to get to know Felecia well, great visit.  So happy for Justin and her.
  • Sold 7 paintings in December to end the year. Now that was the way to close out the year in the Art World for me.  The painting shown sold it is a 20"x30" Oil on canvas, went to some very wonderful friends.  I am proud it hangs in their home.
  • Donna set up her Etsy shop to sell her products and patterns.  My Daughter Christina also set up a Etsy shop and has been selling well.
Okay so now whats in store for us in 2012?

Not to sure, we have no real plans this year as to events and trips etc.  I will be taking a couple of art workshops this summer.

Donna will be teaching LOCKERHOOKING & CROCHET CLASSES at JoAnn Fabrics in South Anchorage this year.  She has been working hard designing her classes and making samples for the students to observe and follow.  She is a excellent teacher and goes out of her way to make sure the students are able to learn no matter their skill levels.

My goal this year is to help get Dad and Mom settled more.  My brother Chris and I will try and make sure we have taken care of all the finacial stuff.  It is hard realizing they are at the twight of their lives.  But they have been incredibly healthy and happy, so they have had a great lives together.  Can only hope for the same for us.

Take a look around you, see what you have and how special it is.  Family, friends that's what makes you who you are.  Take the time to tell them all how much they mean to you.

Life is short, Enjoy the time you have, never waste in anger or hate.  Those are days you can never recapture.

I wish you all the very best in 2012.  Thank you for taking the time to follow my blog and artwork over the years, it makes it all worth while for me to create pieces that will live beyond me.