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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Heading into the Storm

Riding Out the Storm -  These are interesting and trying times for the artist in our down economy.   I also know it is trying times for Galleries also.   Talking with many of my fellow artists and Galleries I know, everyone is concerned about sales.   So what can we do?

Well if you are considering becoming a "Full time Artist", you might want to wait and keep your job either as a full time job or part time job.   I have worked at the same Medical Clinic now for over 28 years, I can't imagine leaving at this time to persue a full time art career.   Despite working full time I have been able to produce a fair amount of artwork.   If you are a full time artist and sales are not meeting expenses, well you may have to consider either going back to work part time, or teaching.  I have a close artist friend who has seen his classes actually grow in number of students despite the tight economy.   Not only has he supplimented his income,  but has discovered another way to express his artistic drive.   Also forces him to keep growing as a artist and to keep producing even if his sales are down.

Another option is networking,  join artist groups, networks on the internet.   It is a wonderful way of sharing ideas.   As the president of the Alaska Artists Guild, we meet once a month, and share ideas, concerns and what opportunities are out there for us as artists.   On the internet is a whole world of art networks,  groups, blogs etc.   We can all work together to come up with creative ideas on marketing and increasing sales.   Join the groups and pass the word along to others.

Obviously cutting expenses for the artists in a fact of life.  I know I have cut back on buying items I really can do with out.   Sure I would like the expensive pure sable brushes, but you know what I can survive with the less costly brush.   After all it's the artist ability not the brush that paints the painting.

Galleries are hurting also, there overhead is increasing while sales are down.   Galleries will be less likely to show new artists or carry artists whose sales are not up to more established artists, where they might have in the past.   We as artists, can help our galleries by only bringing in our best work.   Constantly advertising our galleries on our websites, blogs, and newsletters.   Proudly display links to the galleries you are in.   And never sell paintings direct to collectors cheaper then what they are for sale at the galleries.   I know its tempting, but you are only hurting yourself in the long run.   Recently, I have seen a few galleries trying to get the artist to sell their paintings on consignment for a "clearance sale" to make room for new work.   My personal feeling is that this is a terrible idea,  you are hurting the collector who purchased your work at full price.   You are decreasing his value, and the value of your future work.   My view is to keep your prices where they are, do not reduce them, and right now do not increase them also.   Ride Out The Storm.   It may take a while but in the long run, it is the best course of action.

I would love to hear other view, ideas etc.   Lets help each other out.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Art Lives In Homer

Support of Artists is strong in Homer Alaska

I opened a month show in the Fireweed Gallery in Homer Alaska last Friday. Homer is a small Port town at the end of the road (as the saying goes). One of the beautiful spots in Alaska. Homer is one of the places I escape to from the "big city" of Anchorage. It is a fishing and tourist destination, but also a Art Community. Lots of really talented artists live in Homer and the surrounding area. More important to me is that the community really strongly supports the arts. This was a First Friday opening, and there was a lot of the gallerys having shows, since this was my first show in Homer, was not to sure how much of a turn out we would have, boy was I thrilled to see the response that the show recieved. We were busy the whole time of the show. Sold some paintings and was able to talk with customers that came to see the opening. Talking with another artist who had a opening also in one of the other galleries, there attendance was good also. The community routinely turns out for all the openings, it is a social event and they support the artists by coming, purchasing and appreciating the art. My prior shows have mainly been in Anchorage the "big city", the difference that I experienced was the genuine appreciation that the Homer citizens expressed about artists coming to their community and exhibiting their artwork. They were not near as reserved, they all were willing to talk and ask questions. I want to thank Fireweed Gallery for giving me the opportunity to show my work in Homer, and to thank all the folks who came to the show and made me feel so welcome. I look forward to doing another show in Homer in the future.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Off To Homer For Fireweed Gallery Show

March 6th, Art Show Fireweed Gallery, Homer Alaska - Kurt Jacobson Featured Artists
I am off on the 4+ hour drive to Homer soon. My show is Friday, and set up Thursday. The weather is suppose to get crummy so getting a jump on the weather (I hope). Look forward to seeing my sister in law and brother in law in Anchor Point. My brother and his wife will be in Homer also, so will be seeing them too.
This will be my first artshow in Homer, and really excited about it. As you can see from the picture, Homer is one of the Jewels of Alaska. I will let you know how the show goes. Hopefully I will not be bringing to many paintings back with me.