I want to welcome you to my blog. I will share my art, creative process and a little of myself with you. My life as a Artist has been interesting and full of adventures. Come along with me as we explore the world and how the artist sees it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finished off the Demo Pieces

Two Demo Pieces I started at Blaine's Art Supply Product Demonstration Weekend 

Last weekend I was painting live all weekend at Blaine's demoing Graham Oil Paints.  I worked both of these paintings close to completion.  I went back to the top painting yesterday and made a few adjustments.  Today I worked on the lower painting and brought in the shadows on the water and near marsh grasses.  The are available on my website: www.kurtjacobson.com

Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend at Blaine's ( Art Store that is )

I got to demo Graham Oil Paints and Connesiour Brushes Friday through Sunday at Blaine's Art Store in Anchorage Alaska this last weekend.  I had a blast, got to demonstrate painting techniques and talk with customers about paints and painting.  My wife took a bunch of classes they were offering and we fully enjoyed ourselves.
One of the classes was using spray paint...my buddy artist Don Kolstad was willing to let them paint his truck.  We joked about it all night.  But it turned out totally awesome.  See the pictures below.