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Friday, January 23, 2009

Back to learning

Baby Its Cold Outside - Oil on Raymar Panel 6"x8"
This is a little Oil Painting that I did and it was fun, to get the light in the tent effect.  Reminds me of a Winter Camp out my brother and I went on back in the 80's.   It was a gorgeous day, in the 20's we camped on a island at Lake Louise and it dropped to -40 degrees that night.  It turned into a Survival Trip.   Trying to stay warm was a struggle.  It was to cold to cook anything, even the bottle of Black Velvet froze that night.   What a learning experience that was.

I have started taking a Portrait Oil class at the Anchorage Museum from artist Linda Infante Lyons.   I have not done portraits in a long, long time, and never in Oils.   Have done them in Pastels, so this is a new learning experience.  I a real excited about trying to expand my abilities.  I believe Linda has a blogspot here on Blogger.com also.   

I have a Art Show the first weekend in March in Homer Alaska at the Fireweed Gallery.   So this weekend I will be working up paintings for the show.