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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kenai Painting Step 5

Kenai Painting Step 5 - block in base of foreground

Okay I laid in the underwater foreground, basically pushing paint around until I got what I wanted. I will TONE it down later. Letting it dry so I can paint over it, will bring in the shadows of the tall trees on the left and then add all the sky colors over top of the water. I will end up painting out a lot of what I did today, but I wanted to put it in, so I could have it there when i paint over it and not worry about going back and trying to add the dead fall under the water. So far this has been a fun painting. After the water is done I will be adding some foreground foliage, no sure how much yet.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kenai Painting Back on the Easel

The Kenai Painting is Back on my Easel - I got to work on it for a little while this last Sunday. Worked up the sky, mountains, and distant grass and trees. Now am working in the near trees. Will start the water next with the dead trees under water and some coming up through the water. This will be the fun part as a painter. Will be using a negative painting method to start this out. Quite a volcabulary of strokes so far in this painting. This is the largest painting I have done to date.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

2nd of 2 New Paintings

Today is the day for reworking old started paintings - 36x24 - I actually started to paint this one last August, was not happy with the realistic look and how it was going so put it away to work on other projects. Today as you can see, I wiped out the just about everything and went back at it with a whole different look. This should be fun to see how it will work out. I will eventually bring the large trees on the left back into the painting after the sky dries and is easier to paint over top of, so will go to the Sheep Painting tomorrow and let this painting dry.

First Of 2 New Paintings Started Today

Sheep Off The Highway Close to Beluga Point 18x36 This will be a study in high contrasts will pump up the shadows and highlights. I actually sketched this out about 6 months ago, just never got back to it. Today I did a small 4x6 pencil value sketch to work out my dark and light values. Then I sprayed the canvas with a fixative to hold the pencil sketch. Will start to do a light under painting monochromatic tomorrow to block in the light/dark values.

Stage 7 Meg Fowler Portrait

Final Stage of this Portrait Study - 18x14 Oil on RayMar Panel - Lots of changes made since the last image.
1) Raised the Jaw Line
2) Softened all the skin lines, smoothed the face out
3) Changed the Lips
4) Changed the left side eye and nose
5) Moved the right eye in closer to nose
6) Brought the right side of the face in towards the center by taking about 1/3 inch of the right side
7) Added some more shadow to the right side

Fairly happy now. Will take it to portrait class for one final critique.