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Monday, December 27, 2010

Saying Goodbye To Grandma & Grandpa Lindsey

This painting I painted as a surprise present for my wife, for Christmas.   This painting has a emotional, poignant  meaning to Donna.  Last September Shaunna (in the picture) and Christina went to the site of where my wife and her siblings combined the ashes of their parents (Sherman & Rae Lindsey),  Shaunna came to say goodbye.
As a artist I decided to use photo editing software to move Shaunna from the right of the picture closer to the tree on the left of the picture (see above picture).
 I then took the edited photo out to the studio and sketched it onto the Gesso Board I decided to paint onto.  I just did a outline sketch.   Sometimes I do a full shaded black and white sketch, but did not feel I needed it I had a pretty good idea where I was going with this painting.  I anchored the sketch with a fixative spray.

I then washed in a thinned paint layer to block in the main compositional elements.  As you can see I was not trying to do any work up of the image.   My goal with this stage is just to recheck the composition and its elements.  I was satisfied with what I had so I then began by painting in the ocean and distant land.  Working forward I began to paint the rest of the painting, taking time to stop and re-evaluate as I went.

Donna was thrilled with her Painting.  Nothing is better as a artist to know you have created something that has meaning to someone.  I painted this painting for my soul mate, and it came from the love I have for her.