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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beginning Summit Lake painting

Beginning a 18"x36" Summit Lake Fall Painting - I spent all last weekend "gutting" my Studio and turning 2/3 of it into a bedroom for coming family visit.  But I could not call it a weekend without getting some paint on a new canvas.   

Justin (my son) and his girlfriend Felicia will be using the Studio/Trailor as a bedroom for their visit.   Shaunna, Matt and Joseph are staying in a hotel.   Our other son Ryan is graduating from UAA and everyone is coming to Alaska for his Graduation.  Also it is our Grandson Joseph's 1st Birthday.  Another celebration!.  It Will be Matt, Joseph and Felicia's first visit to Alaska.  We are looking forward to the time together.

So will I get to finish this before, during or after their visits?  Will let you know.