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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shifting Gears

Summer is now half over more or less, our long daylight hours here in Alaska have started their shift to heading the other way. Still light till after 11pm though, got to love it.  Has been a busy hectic summer with all the different Art events I have been involved with.  Summary: getting a Gallery renovated and opened with a group of fantastic Artists, we all worked so hard on that; 2 First Friday shows, 2 Art In Alaska Parks with the State of Alaska's Dept of Natural Resources, a workshop with Michelle Usibelli and a 5 day Great Alaska Plein Air Retreat put on by the Painted Ladies of Alaska.  Well only 2 events left in my art event calendar for the summer:
1. Sixth Annual Plein Air Weekend July 28th & 29th - Put on by the Plein Air Painters of Alaska
2. Art For Alaska Parks Art Competition - Sept 7th - A Alaska Artist Guild Event

August I am reserving for Home Repairs and I have a bunch of them to get done.  Our old home has reached a stage in its life where it needs some series repair and renovation.  Winter is coming so have to get some things done before the snow flies.  Also want to spend some time with my lovely wife, just us time, she has been so supportive of my artistic life and has put up with all the events without complaining.  I love my wife dearly, she is fantastic.

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Chris_tina said...

Hope you have a good time this weekend. Wish i could be there. Had a blast the last time I went.